First Blog Post as AmyOakleyPhotography!

My first blog as

I’m so nervous! Why?

01102017_wavesunderpier_aopI’m honestly not sure why!

I’ve written many a blog post before, and even have another blog where I document my RV travel adventures & creative writing milestones.

Perhaps because this blog is focused on my photography, not so much on words? But maybe the words will end up being be important after all. Maybe the photos I post here will have great little stories describing how I captured a particular image. Maybe not. I don’t know.


What is do know is that I hope to find a “unique voice” for this photography blog, vs. my OnTheGoWithAmyO travel/writing blog. Time will tell.

Now that this first blog has been officially posted, I hope other posts will come more easily & naturally.

I hope you’ll join me for this “visual journey!” Thank  you for your support.